Bilingual Readers?!?!

Hey, can anyone read this?  I know the link goes to Ribbon Jar, and of course I am really curious as too what it says. Thanks for any help! Real post later – I’m so tired after running around those little chicklins!

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  1. It’s about knitting, she is planning to buy ribbons for the clothes she has knitted.
    { Karin } (from Sweden, and the knitter is from Denmark.

  2. I can’t personally translate but I happen to have 2 handy links bookmarked on my computer that might be able to! 🙂
    I know that the babelfish one doens’t have danish, but the translation-guide one might!
    good luck!

  3. It’s me…Just wrote that I would like to buy some ribbons from your lovely shop for the first knitted item for the baby in my tummy..And that I could easily spend an obscene amount of money at :-))
    Have a nice day,
    Helle from snowy Denmark

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