Conversation Starter

I mean, I think I can carry on a conversation with just about anyone, but I’ve still got that tickly throat thing and I want to spread the conversation around the table Thursday. Do you know of any site that has cool conversation starters? Or do you have a good list going somewhere? I found this book and this one, but no one near me carries them.

Oh and on a totally unrelated note, I got out the newsletter today, with a coupon for 20% off any size order Friday. If you didn’t get it, or aren’t signed up just enter "turkey" to get the deal from midnight to midnight at the Ribbon Jar. Tell them Amber sent you (ha ha, that was funny in my head).

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  1. These questions are for Journal Jars (prompts) but you could easily adapt them to conversation prompts I’m sure:
    This one starts with kids, but lower on the page is adult ones!

  2. Amber, talk about your life! You have plenty to talk about. Sheesh (eye rolling)!

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