Acceptance—Middle School Style

Kristen from Lovely Lydia Design and I are taking a photography lighting class through the local community college. This class happens to be in a public middle school. On a bathroom break we spotted a gem of a poster, made a few years ago. It was a giant rainbow and each student must have been given an index card to write what they were going to be more accepting of in 2009. The rainbow was to signify colors of people and other differences. Some students went another way with what they were going to accept in 2009.

What I would like know is how do teachers keep a straight face through these kinds of projects? Do they take a special class on not busting up? Are you a teacher? Have you ever had to hold it in and then run to the teachers lounge and burst out laughing after class? Because I can see that happening a lot.

7 Replies to “Acceptance—Middle School Style”

  1. Gems indeed!!! My favorite: Accepting how bad things have gotten!

  2. hahhahaha. this just made my day.

  3. oh those are hilarious! i agree, it would be so hard to keep a straight face as a teacher some days 🙂

  4. Ah yes. The lovely minds of middle schoolers. I do miss it a bit…the little tiny ones are quite as entertaining!

  5. Kids really do say the darndest things! Just wait until our little ones are that age… I can’t even imagine what will come out of their mouths!

  6. “I accept bad graphics.” I want to find this kid and tell them they absolutely do not have to accept bad graphics. Projects like this make me want to be a teacher… or maybe a parent. 😉

  7. See. This is why I love teaching middle school.
    The kids are hilarious!

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