being a little creative

Just finished this birthday calendar, I’m going to post all the details and more shots of it on two peas, but their site is weirding out on me right now, so I’ll link that in a bit.
Yeah! Now I just have to get all the dates into it!

K, here’s the link to the book on two peas: link

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  1. oh whoa. i want. i can’t wait to go check this out at the bucket.

  2. Amber! What’s the secret of the youthful looks in your family? Your mum looks like she could be your sister and your grandma only slightly her senior! Have you seen that episode of Eerie, Indiana where they seal themselves in giant tupperware at night!? Is it that?!

  3. this is spectacular idea!!! i am constantly forgetting people’s bdays (shame on me). thanks for the idea 🙂

  4. Love the book… I need to make one!

  5. Dude! I totally love that! Your camera takes the best pictures for the record! 🙂

  6. that’s so pretty!

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