Project Life – to go.

Today Tuesday and I are leaving on a last minute girl’s trip. Earlier this month Carmen mentioned that her husband would be out of town and wished we could come hang out. I checked with Bj, and he was going to be busy with work too. Then I checked our frequent flier miles. We had enough so we booked the tickets! The day we booked the tickets the high in Anchorage was -5 F! Yikes! I told Carmen we would be excited to play in the snow. She said we’d have to cover the girls faces in vaseline first! So we’ll see how much outdoor time we get. I think it should be pretty relaxed and we’ll probably do lots of fun things at home. We’ll be there for 11 days, a pretty long trip (blog updates sure to be sporadic!).
I’ve actually been rocking and rolling on Project Life, despite my lack of sharing.

My title page. I’m going to wait to really finish it when I figure out how many months will fit in here (it won’t be 12). I’ll probably use contact prints to show a sampling of that time period. I’ve started 2011 in monthly overview form, and contact sheets are what I did for the opening page there.

I have this hole where the Disney trip was. I sort of shuffled around the weeks, doing partial weeks on either side of the disney trip, and letting that have a mega spread of it’s own. It was only a five day trip and we were really busy. I need to get this done, but was waiting on photos that I just got from other people on the adventure. I’ve been thinking about how I want to tackle the 11 day trip. I asked for advice on twitter and Ali mentioned that on her upcoming trip she’ll probably just take an envelope and maybe a page protector. I thought about that too…. But last time I was in Alaska it was pretty chill and I loved working on my scrapbook on the road. So, I’m taking a the whole album. I wish they made some kind of travel album because I am afraid of bending the cover, but besides that I think it will be fine. I’ll be bringing a kit similar to what I brought last time:

I need to add the tiny attacher. The rest of the supplies are tucked into the album itself.

This is the current week, and I’m trying to have it fairly up to date.

I already made the title card for the next week, and it’s tucked in.

I have a few things printed off, and the rest of this page protector is filled with those cut apart pages (pages with lots of little journaling spots and things on them, not sure if they have a real name). On the other side of this I put a plain white 12×12 sheet of paper. I find that having a blank canvas to work on helps with putting together these pages.

I was going to stick all the journaling cards in, but figured I’d move them anyway so I put them in another 12×12 spot. You can see that I have a whole mess of page protectors in here. Not sure how much/what type I’ll want. So I’m leaving myself lots of options.

And of course I have to bring some washi tape!
Not sure if I’ll print photos when I get home of if I’ll just upload to their local Costco. I think it just depends on what we are doing with the girls… And if we ever get that downtime we are imagining! I sure hope we get to rest a little, after all I’m bringing lots of knitting!

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  1. Great job on Project Life! I really need to get into this! I would love to start scrapbooking, but really do not know where to begin. Maybe someday! Wow, an 11 day girls trip to Alaska will be awesome! Hope you and Tuesday have a blast!!

  2. I like your idea of the kit for supplies while traveling. I will have to try that this summer when we travel. Thanks for sharing your ideas…lots of inspiration for sure.

  3. I love seeing how organized this idea is! I’m not a scrapbooker (don’t judge me!) but looking at things like this, how convenient one can make it, is encouraging. Have a blast in Alaska. And thanks for mentioning the Vaseline. I forgot about putting it on proactively; we usually use it to soothe chapped skin after the exposure. Enjoy your girl time!!

  4. packing has a whole different meaning to you! You have this down to a science! Holy cow, I think socks and underwear, you think washi tape and mini cutting pads! cant wait to see you!

  5. looks like an awesome traveling kit! have a fun time in alaska. can’t wait to see your pages when you get back. we’ll have to have a mid-week craft day!

  6. I love what you have so far! Can’t wait to see more. Where oh where did you get the “keep calm and click on” card? I have to have that one! Hope you have a great time in Alaska with your friend.

  7. this looks incredible!!!
    have a great time on your trip!
    and…i’ve seen that multi colored dot washi before and it never looked appealing on the roll to me…but when i an individual strip? LOVE. 😉

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