Wands at the Ready

Just got these wands ready for the new Harry Potter tonight. Pictures of me as Rita Skeeter to come soon!

6 Replies to “Wands at the Ready”

  1. Great idea for the ribbon!!!

  2. those wands are sooo cool!! I’m jealous you get to play at the HP party!!

  3. I am so tired of seeing these wands!
    What’s up girl?

  4. Aaaaaaaaamberrrrrrrrrrrr, wheeeeeeeeere aaaaaaaaare youuuuuuuuu?

  5. Where are you? Come back! We miss you!

  6. I’m also tired of these wands…. Fun the first few times I saw them, but I’m beginning to wonder what happened to you now that you have read the Harry Potter book!

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