Okay Already!!!

Yes I am alive.

But I have been seriously busy, and well, gone really. I was in Memphis for a kick butt wedding, be before I get to that I know you all have been waiting patiently for:

Five pound elven ounce Adler Cash is my newest second cousin and I think he is the cutest. This was at my cousin’s wedding (the sister of the one who had the baby, we like to try to combine family get togethers). The wedding was little and perfect. It was in a little park, and look I helped with the chairs:
Jenny was trying to describe how they were going to go together and I was like, "whatever I don’t get it." But when I saw it I got it, and I think they looked awesome. So then it was like mad rush to pack and blah blah blah. Bj drove me to the airport hella early which turned out not to be early enough (you shouldn’t really have to leave before 4am for the airport, ew!!). So I was nearly late but made it. And Bj had hid Harry Potter from me so I would have something to do on the plane so I read it way too fast and spend my layover in Denver bawling like a baby at the end (don’t think I’m giving you the ending, I’m a very emotional person generally). So my next flight was really boring because I didn’t bring enough to do, and I need stuff to do people, because I don’t like to sit still. Then I was in Memphis and Ceara picked me up and we did our little screaming hugging dance that we always do. It was so hot there that, well, I felt like I was swimming in someone else’s sweat, it was gross. But everywhere is air conditioned so even when it’s nice out you don’t go outside. Which I was actually grateful for. I had a couple run ins with some dialect situations "excuse me" "could you repeat that" "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!!?" I’ve never had the Burger King lady ask me, "you want a side a WHO?" um, nevermind..  I was horrible and took like ten pictures total including this one:


He he he, sorry Ceara. I can’t help it. It’s funny because she always looks adorable. And she never lets her hair fro (anymore). Exhibit B:
"Are we the cutest flower girls ever, are we?" Um yes!! They didn’t really ask that, like they needed to. They were just checking out the pink lip gloss I gave them.

So ok. I haven’t been blogging, and now I have to tell you that I won’t be until Tuesday probably. I am headed down to San Fran for a trade show with the Sciarrinonator and computerless (ack!). So check it: I promise to be better after the 15th of August with only intermittent service until then. I’ve got moving to do and then a family cruise to Alaska. And if you know me and my immenseness of "stuff" and art "stuff" and scrapbooking "stuff" and other "stuff" you know I am in for some fun (NOT) times. Here’s hoping I do pull some kind of muscle.

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  1. OK… so you’re off the hook until the 15th… that was a great update! Thanks! Your blog is absolutely the most fun one I read and always look forward to it!

  2. Today Ed and I did Tough Guy (www.toughguy.co.uk). Now we are sore, and we are also halfway throught Harry Potter and yes you did give too much away – naughty! Kay xxx

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