Before I Became a Home Maker

Before I was watching the little ones I managed to get a few fun things done on Sunday. For you Sue:
All the pages are pretty much the same. I used some of the new stash of Basic Grey Sue brought me, and the matching letter stickers, so so easy. I put all the projects in that I’ve done in the last six months or so. I was up again last night with the baby, so don’t expect much more creativity from me soon!

4 Replies to “Before I Became a Home Maker”

  1. Awesome… You are so creative…. I want to be more like you!

  2. Neat idea – I may have to steal it!

  3. so cool… I love your style! Such a great idea to include pics of people wearing your creations!

  4. your knit book is WAY cool!
    Love your style . . .
    Did you ever find the yarn to finish your sweater?

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