We have been waiting for that sofa and the chair for months, months! They place my mom ordered it from kept saying, 6 weeks, well 6 more weeks, actually 2 months, oh wait no, more like FOREVER. I think we ordered these in October, am I right mom? Ya, they came today, but how cool, I love them.

In funny kid news Hogan came home yesterday and told me that he did not have his underware on because he had "accidentally farted a little and now I’m wearing white underwear." Ahhahahahha. Hogan thinks my glasses are really funny, everytime I put them on he’s like, "YOU are wearing GLASSES!!!" So I put them on him yesterday, and Karsen:
As soon as I put these on Karesn she started laughing and laughing so hard, it was adorable. Well Hogan really wants to learn how to knit, so I’m off to attempt to teach!

3 Replies to “Finally!”

  1. BEAUTIFUL living room! Love the sofa!
    Can you come help decorate my house???
    (And rub some creativity off on me at the same time?)

  2. I still need to meet these little people. They look adorable.

  3. Looks great! (and a little off topic… do you shoot manually or what? That is a very nice exposure 🙂

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