The Funnies

So I was scanning the classifieds today for sales tomorrow and there were quite a few strange ones:

7-Family Yard Sale Friday & Saturday 9-Late
Deals Made ~ lives changed!

Quality merch. No junk
or clothes.

(I liked that one because you pay by the character, and since the apostrophe is unnecessary they basically paid extra to make a grammatical error – what do you think about that Luke?)

And my favorite:

Fri 8-5 & Sat 8-?
7 never worn wedding
gowns, furniture, car,
misc antiques &

Uh… 7? Really?

6 Replies to “The Funnies”

  1. ah hahaha! “Deals Made ~ lives changed!” hell I want to go!
    Seven dresses—must not have purchased from a “good” company. I’m envisioning a lot of tool and lace. 😉

  2. that’s so funny! i thought about you and your thrifting, when i went to a thrift/antique store the other day. 🙂 i made a post about it, too.

  3. Dude. Go to the wedding dress one and get one! Wee can do a “Trash the Dress” Session 🙂

  4. I think Angela is on to something!

  5. If the dresses were from Apple, it’s no wonder they have 7!!!!!!!omg!!!11`~

  6. Oh and by the way, there are TWO unnecessary apostrophes.

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