Happy Birthday V!

My god daughter is one, I friggin can’t believe it.

A wooden doll house with all this awesome simple wooden furniture. Total score. It was the sale last weekend that I had to get up crazy early for to get a number, but obviously worth it. It also came with a wooden train. V seemed to like it, it’s huge compared to her. So since I got her a gift I had to do cute wrapping and a card.  Of course I had no blank cards that I liked. So I improvised.

This is two envelopes stuck together. It worked great because then I could slip a little tabbed index card in there. The front was pretty cute too:

I used these ridiculously cheap vocabulary cards I got at a sale last year that say "big" and "girl" and the big one just happens to say "are" in the corner because that’s the word on the opposite side, so the card says, "you are a big girl." And the best part:

I made her a hat! That I used as a bow! I feel like a genius okay, I seriously love this. The KI Memories icicle says "first".  When I got up there this evening I did a little photo shoot for her first birthday, I took way too many photos, here are some of my favorites:

This expression is just so Violet.

Lucky lady those eyelashes rock.

She kept launching herself at me so I restrained her with toe tickling.

I pointed out that she had a belly button, which she seemed pretty surprised about.

Little one dollar chair I picked up last year. Totally been painted like a million times, has sharp edges and is very wobbly, good thing mom is just out of picture.  Oh and that hat?

Not the biggest fan!

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  1. You always have such great ideas! And she is so cute!! I hope Miss Violet doesn’t get offended, but I just love her little baby fat 🙂

  2. Oh… to be one and go around in only my underwear. Happy Birthday Violet!
    Where are the picts of the cake attack?!

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