6 Replies to “And solution”

  1. Haaaahahahaha. The cheeky little gnome just siting there saying ‘hello’.
    I wish I has a pew. And a place to put a pew.

  2. Ya, I can’t apologize enough for that ribbon error!!! :-/ I still feel bad! Love your pew, and that gnome is a little creepy…but I love the simple “hello” lol!

  3. oh! that looks COOL!
    funny because I was totally thinking of that green satin when I had the idea!
    see you Sunday! 🙂

  4. love it!! the gnome is the cutest!!

  5. I thought it looked cool too and I made the Martha Stewart card wreath. Here’s mine:
    It was very easy. You should make one..or a few…for sure! Thanks for sharing the link.

  6. I missed the post asking for this, and it appears you already have a solution, but here’s what I came up with this year:
    Up until now, I’ve put them in a basket, but you can’t enjoy them all stuffed in a basket. Merry Christmas!

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