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There has been lots of Christmas crafting going on over here, and much that I can’t show. But after spending days stitching binding a quilt I had to brag about it a little. So I had Bj curl up with the project to give you a little taste:
Mmmm yummy right? I want to keep it. Sciarrino asked me last night if I ever get gifts and then keep them for myself. Well I try not to, but somethings this year I really, really want to keep! But I won’t have time to craft for myself as some how there is only 10 days left to Christmas and I have no less than 8 handmade projects to finish. Oh my!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve left a comment for you before (I’ve been lurking on and off for a couple of months), but girl, when do you sleep?? This sneak peak of the quilt is very tantalizing.

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