The easiest baby hat ever!

It worked!
Easiest hat-2

This is seriously from a rectangle of knitting, NO DECREASES, NO DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES. I may know people afraid of these things (and they shouldn't be), this resolves all their hat fears. You do have to seam up the back:
Easiest hat-5

But I doubt many would notice it much. Especially because the sides are so great:
Easiest hat-3

Here is the Ravelry link. I almost got the hat and sweater out of one skein of medium weight Socks That Rock. You could do it if you cast on a few less stitches for the hat (which would be fine because it seems a little big). Of course I couldn't resist doing this:
Easiest hat-1

Hehehehe. My little stuffed dog is also wearing little cloth diapers, but you can't see them. I pretty much try all my knits on "alpster" The Ravelry links: Raglan Sweater and Pixie Hat. Next up: tackling the awesome yarn Kay sent me, mmmm I think I found the perfect pattern for it.

edited to add: if you need anything fabric/craft related check out Jo-Ann's, they pretty much have everything on sale. Seriously I had to use my 50% off coupon on a 3.99 item because it was the only thing regularly priced I needed. Just a heads up the sale goes through Saturday. And it was nut balls crazy in ours, so beware.

4 Replies to “The easiest baby hat ever!”

  1. omg, that is the cutest set ever! I love the color!!! 🙂
    have a great weekend!

  2. LOL LOL LOL!!! So cute on your dog!! And I can only imagine how cute it will be on your little baby. The color is awesome too!

  3. so cute! The hat is adorable, and the dog makes the perfect model.

  4. Amber,
    I haven’t touched base since Learnfest, but stumbled upon your blog today. Your belly in the above post is too cute! I hope all is going well for you. I LOVE these hats. I have a few newborn sessions coming up and I’d love to buy some from you (if you have any for sale). Let me know!
    Take Care!

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