I weep for them

Two days ago I came back from a walk around my neighborhood to teenagers in my yard with chainsaws. This is never a sight one wants to see, especially when they have ropes dangling from the tops of arborvitae separating you and a neighbor (and the view of the intersection). I was upset, though the plants are clearly on mixed soil. I don't know who planted them, or when, but they've been there for a while.

I was mad, mostly that my neighbor didn't talk to us about it, that he used my yard to do all the work,etc. Bj was like, "Don't stress! You need to get over this, it's done, and we wanted them trimmed anyway." So I tried, I let it go. It was just the tops, and though sloppy, wouldn't really effect anything major. Then yesterday I got a call from another neighbor. She felt she should warn me that my neighbor had out the chainsaw again (well not him, but these teenage boys that we don't know where they come from). He chopped down all the trees from the edge of the fence to the arborvitae and now there was a huge gap between our yards. I'm glad she let me know because I think I would have gone into labor right there from shock. We're putting a nice big porch on the front of the house and now it's going to be not private at all. But my friends that was not the worst of it. What he did next he had every right to, but color me extremely upset anyway.
I'm not sure if many of you remember this idyllic scene from this last summer:

It is no more. The beautiful Japanese maple, the shrubs, all of it:

GONE. Why would you do this? Why?!?!?! I have a theory. I think it is because he hates me. See I put up that fence when I first moved in so that my back yard could be locked and no one would be able to get to my basement windows (and thus the Ribbon Jar). He can't get over it. I told him we were going to do it, and at that time he said nothing to me about it being a problem. I only found out after that he told everyone who came over he hates it. Um, I'm sorry but I have to fence in my backyard. So anyway. Now I have a new problem. The next neighbor over from him has three big floodlights. One:

Is like a personal streetlight. While annoying before, with nothing between me and it I now find it unbearable. I could not sleep last night it is so bright, and I was so upset about the tree thing. I may find this early morning post a bad idea later but I just had to get it out of my system. I can only hope little baby looks out its bathroom window to this:

And never looks straight down. I'm going to go be crafty at my mom's now.

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  1. How frustrating…and out of your control. At least that isn’t your bedroom anymore though right?

  2. Yeah, one summer one of our neighbors chopped down the only tree in their yard and the following summer our other immediate neighbor cut their only tree down. Now we have no shade and no birds and none of it makes any sense. It is crazy making! I know exactly how you feel. We just keep planting our own yard and waiting for it to grow.
    Found you on Ravelry, great blog, lovely baby hat and sweater!

  3. That Fucking piece of shit! I curse him with the angry spirits of 1000 murdered japanese maples, he will be destroyed by a falling tree within 5 weeks.

  4. I can’t beat Tex’s comment. It was right on the money!
    Try not to stress over it however crappy it may be. What a complete jerk to cut down a completely harmless tree for no reason whatsoever!

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