$50 or best offer

And I just couldn’t resist.

I still want to paint it some bright fun color, and have to fix the top drawer (didn’t inspect closely enough and it was taped on the side), add castors, etc…. But I love it!

8 Replies to “$50 or best offer”

  1. hooray! now… what color?! (love that i can see tutu sitting to the left in her nightgown – so sweet!)

  2. I love it! It looks very clean and simple just as it is, but paint would really spruce it up, too (doesn’t that work for everything??). Castors are a super good idea.

  3. I love it!! What a great find! Can’t wait to see what fun color you paint it!

  4. so what was the best offer? I like the wood. it’s nice and understated—blends in nicely.

  5. ooh! i can’t wait to see the “after”…

  6. looks great!!!

  7. Ummmm, I really love that you chose to re-purpose/re-use something. Too often we turn to Ikea when there is a perfectly good used item waiting for us to refurbish. One less dresser in the landfill! Well done! Great find!

  8. That is perfect!!!! so many things you can do with it – can’t wait

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