What I’m obsessing about right now

I’m sure I have more interesting things going on, but the one thing taking over my Β mind right now is what to do about Project Life storage. When I put together the weekly layouts (well, not always a week, swear I will share soon), I tend to use my supplies much differently than when I scrapbook “traditionally”. So I decided a rolling cart under my desk (in my craft room) would be a good idea. I got this one from Ikea, put it together and realized that it was too much of beast to try and keep in here. The thing I love about my craft room is how clean and simple it is, with not a lot sitting out.

Then I was thinking that after I wrestle this one back to Ikea (blargh!) I would just get an Alex drawer unit, because it’s shorter, and white, and wouldn’t stick out as much. I was a little worried about the drawer size so I have been scouring the internet trying to find someone who would tell me. Well a 16 minute makeup video later I found out the drawers are only 1.75 inches tall and the bottoms ones a little taller. I don’t know why I can’t find exact heights of the things! And now I’m thinking maybe this would be better, but could I add castors to it (oh and it’s doesn’t hold 12×12 paper…)? Hmm. Of course I’d have to dress it up. And Sarah says just to go and measure, which would be easy if Ikea wasn’t an hour away…
Have you started doing Project Life? Did it change how you scrapbook, or have to store you supplies. Do you obsess over organizational purchases?
p.s. how awesome is this?

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  1. I LOVE my Alex drawer units but I think it might be giant too. I love that they are shallow – I have two units: one for all my sewing type stuff and the other for all my jewelry making supplies [because you know I do that a lot!;)]
    I am using this – or at least the three top drawers. It was already in the office so I made it work. Doesn’t hold 12×12 paper but mostly what I am using is cut down to at least 6″ and that fits.
    Can’t wait to see your pages!!

  2. The Alex drawer looks a little big and bulky to me. What do you think about using Elfa components? You could add brackets on the back wall and simply add drawers as you need them. I believe they come out easily enough that it would be like a tray that could easily be taken into another room.

  3. you have to return the giant metal cart anyway… that’s when you could measure the alex πŸ˜‰ can’t wait to see what you come up with!
    (also? i downloaded “the mix” last night. i cannot stop listening to it on repeat.)

  4. I did Project Life for 2010, and I love having it to look back on. Mine is pretty plain, as I only used Becky’s kit to complete the album. Because she had everything in neat little boxes I was able to store everything in the Ikea cabinet I use for scrapbooking and photography.
    And yes, I L.O.V.E. organizational aids and I sometimes obsess about it!

  5. I don’t scrapbook anymore so I am not sure if this will fill your need, but I have the Helmer drawer unit from Ikea. I love it. The drawers pull out nearly all the way, they have organizer trays that fit in the drawers if needed. It has kind of an old office look to it. I have a desk from ikea with no drawers and this slides right under. I used it to organize (and I use that term loosely) my bills and paperwork etc. It is a solid unit but it turns on the wheels nicely.

  6. You have so much storage already, couldn’t you re-purpose a nook in one of your cabinets and move whatever lesser used item (typewriters?) to basement storage while you are working on project life? That way you can still maintain the clean organized and uncluttered look of your craft room. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a whole room just for crafting πŸ™‚ Your Mom’s idea sounds good too, and since she is the interior designer I think she pulls some serious rank on me! Good luck organizing!

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