Week in the Life—Monday

Last week Ali spearheaded a movement to document the week as completely as possible. I usually participate in this yearly event, but the timing just wasn’t right for us. Bj asked if we could push it back a week, and since he is instrumental in me sticking to it I said of course! As usual (here is an archive to the last years I’ve done this) I’m focusing on the photos and not words. Thanks for peeking into our days this week.



















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  1. Love it!!

    A few comments. I love that you weigh yourself THEN go to la hacienda! I love you.

    You look so perfectly pregnant!! yay! 🙂

    Looks like your Monday rocked it! Starting with frozen blueberries would be a good way to start any day IMO

  2. Very cute! I, like you, am a petite person. But when I was preggo with my first son I tipped the scales somewhere around 175 at my due date! Sheesh! Luckily, breastfeeding solves all!

  3. I adore the picture looking over your tummy to the scales. So very sweet! 🙂

  4. Only weigh 158?! I think I weighed that much in December. LOL. You look great! I love this peek into your life 🙂 I miss you!!!!!

  5. Love that you are doing this again! I would love to participate next time! These are all great photos! And you only weigh 158, your are doing great. I weigh a bit more than that and I’m 5’5″ and not pregnant. Enjoy this pregnancy, it’s such a special time! Oh and we love Amy’s Enchiladas, too. In fact the only pizza my daughter will eat is Amy’s Cheese Pizza…Yummy!

  6. Hello Amber, BJ and Tuesday! Such a busy life! Tuesday would make a great commercial for Amy’s Enchiladas! 🙂 I love her clothes!

  7. Thanks Susan! She’s very into picking out her clothes and wearing pajamas is the hight of fashion to her!

  8. Julia,
    I haven’t tried their pizza’s yet. I love those enchiladas and finally caved to getting Tuesday her own because she always ate mine!

  9. Of course no one notices BJ is playing the best Xbox game ever…cmon!

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