Tuesday on the prairie

We are going to the end of the Oregon Trail center soon with our homeschool group and I need make Tuesday another Prairie girl dress. The last dress I made for Tuesday has gotten lots of wear, she has it in rotation with her regular clothes, so it’s not just dress up to her. It went with us to Hawaii, she’s worn it in the snow, in the sun, in the rain… everywhere! I wanted to look up the details about it and realized I never blogged about it. Since this is where I keep all details about my crafty pursuits I want to record it.

dress with shawl-1



I made her a bonnet first, then the dress, apron, pantaloons and another bonnet that coordinated a little better. I used an old Holly Hobbie pattern for everything but the pantaloons which I stitched from another pattern. I really like the tucks in the hems on the pantaloons. I already let one out to make them longer. I self drafted the short sleeves, the pattern came with long sleeves and she didn’t want them. She’s wearing my simple yet effective shawl (Ravelry link), which was my first shawl and I didn’t make it big enough. I also wore dresses like this that my mom made me and loved them. I’m so happy that Tuesday loves her so much. She hasn’t requested a larger dress, but she’s been wearing this one for a year. The pantaloons especially are small, and when she has the apron buttoned on it’s quite tight. Still it never looked overly big. This was a size four, and I think I’m just going to go up one size, though maybe add more length. We bought her these boots (affiliate link) that she also wore with her Santa costume. They really work well with this outfit to  round out the whole Laura look she is going through (bonus they look hipster cool and she wears them with EVERYTHING). We’ve read through the whole Little House series and are now onto her daughter, Rose. Starting with The House on Rocky Ridge.

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  1. So cute! She looks adorable!

  2. Amber, this is a wonderful blog! Tuesday, I loved little house on the prairie too and I love your outfits! You guys have so much fun! I wish I had grandkids to try some of this stuff with. Mary Lou

  3. LOVE LOVE LHOTP! Do you have a pattern to share or to refer me to for those adorable bonnets? thanks

  4. Kristina, I used an old holly hobbie pattern for most everything, #5996, and made a few modifications. But the bonnet I didn’t change.

  5. I really love Tuesday’s dress! The colors are especially wonderful.

  6. that is soooo adorable! I think my daughter would love to wear!

  7. Missing your posts Amber. Hope everything is alright⁉️⁉️⁉️

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