That cute little tushie!!!

This little baby was over last night. She was kind of hard to take a picture of since she was on the move. It’s weird how fast they can crawl, and you have to like keep up with them if your house is un-baby-friendly as ours. She’s all, “hey this is a remote, can I chew it?” or “should I push all the buttons on your stereo?” But babies are just so cute with all their little things, their little toes, and fingers, and tushies, you can’t get upset, TOO CUTE!! I think Bj likes real babies compared to all the shows I’ve been watching on Discovery Health Channel (double identical twins, baby: special delivary, etc.). But when she cried it was like they were coming to life. She was crying and I was walking her around in her soft blankie and she fell asleep on my shoulder, awwwww. I want one, shhh don’t tell Bj.

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