My Colorful Room

That is me taking a picture of myself in my little nook. I love this nook. It has a windowseat and holds a lot of little crafty treasures (some of which you can see here). I live upstairs in a townhouse. My room is a loft, and I think it is really cool. Here are some more pictures of my room:

Yes I sleep in a bunk bed. I am twenty four, but I think bunk beds are a great space saver. That paper thing is under my bed, there is also a nice chair and desk under there. Those little guys are Lucielle Ball and Snowden. My desk is always that messy. I think I can be a bit more creative when it is like this, because I can just grab stuff and play (you should click on that picture because there is lots of stuff to see). Isn’t my computer screen sick? I love this thing. I love my whole desk. My brother gave it to me for graduation. It’s an old drafting table from my dad’s that he refinished. See how my glasses are crooked? I left them on a chair last nigh that bj sat on. We’ve decided that’s not a good place for glasses. I don’t always put things in good places, this results in lots of loosing, breaking, spilling, and general catastrophe. But there is no point in getting stressed out about those things, so it’s better just to laugh it off. Well except for my tolietry bag that is currently in Ohio (oops!). It’s not so funny that it has this really expenisve and annoying mouth guard in it and I can’t get any one to send it back to me. So I might be taking another trip soon…
See now why my life is in color? I just don’t thing dull is a good word to describe me.

4 replies on “My Colorful Room”

  1. alp- you know how much i love your room~ i could spend a whole day in there looking @ all your rad stuff!

  2. oh, this is such a great idea Amber! You are the most creative girl I know, even if you can’t spell or use proper grammar to save your life, but that’s why I love ya!

  3. Jules is right, you’re the most creative friend I have–by a landslide. Love the site, pics, music (where is Bree Sharp and Joe Satriani, may I ask?!) You should add some of your fav movies, too. Ah, the possibilities.

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