Off the wagon

uh oh…. easter candy.
I love easter candy. I stock pile it for the whole year. Everyone knows this. Jenna sent me a peeps card a month before easter just to get me ready for the holiday (it was so sparkly and cute it made my mouth water). There has been much research on peeps, but I think perhaps the funniest of all is the surgery to seperate peeps. After surgery was complete the “doctor” used fun dip to reduce scarring (LOLOLOL). Please if you click on nothing else check this (please tell me you all knew those were links before) out. So I have had some easter candy already. But the thing is I didn’t have to wait until easter. See I invest in a year round supply of Bunny Basket Eggs. Now, some of my friends have had their gag reflexes evoked when they try one. They ARE sugary, but in a very unique way. They have a marshmellow in the center. One that is between the consistancy of a regular marshmallow that you roll between your fingers and the marshmallows from Lucky Charms. And way isn’t marshmallow spelled marshmellow? Ugh. Anyway then they are candy coated. Lots of products claim to be candy coated, but not like these. They have a good quarter inch of a hard crumbly candy shell around the marshmellow. This is what allows me to eat them year round. Yes, they get a little harder, but still yummy.
In case any one out their is wondering I have looked into the book The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program. I went to the website where all the sugar addicts comfort one another. But I felt they were all just in denial about the good things sugar can do. You know how scientist and people like that say that one glass of red wine a night is good for you? Well I bet their next study will read something like this: “Amazing new link found between eating a half pound of Jelly Bellies a day and looking younger.” The sub heading might also mention the good effects on the heart. Ha Ha, I can just picture it now: these really healthy people have to eat Bunny Basket Eggs. They start making them in an “organic” variety and the price goes up like a hundred percent. And the mom’s are like, “please honey, you can have the brocolli as soon as you finish one more Bunny Basket Egg.” I should front the money for this study man. But in all seriousness; it’s not like I do drugs or drink alcohol (ew, that stuff tastes so gross and WHAT is WITH the BURNING?)! So anyway, I like sugar. Yes, I used to sneak sugar cubes from the pantry and put a little more sugar than cinnamon on my toast. But I turned out fine. And I think my sugar highs are an endearing quality of mine.
Okay so here are two pictures of my cute shoes.

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