Tying it all together

I have been watching all of these weird shows lately, well maybe not weird, but a weird combination of things: American Chopper, Babies: Special Delivery, In the Womb, Iron Chef America (in which I finally understand the difference between scallions, scallops, and shallots), War Games, and I ♥ Huckabees. So how does all this tie together? In this totally weird dream I had last night (which is weird in itself because I hardly ever remember my dreams, and I was begining to doubt if I still did it- dream, I mean). Okay here goes:
So I’m driving back from a crew parctice at a training camp in California and I’m in one of those big 15 passenger vans (the kind they don’t let you drive anymore because they are afraid they are going to flip over or whatever). It’s like really rainy and gross out and so we go into this huge hotel where we are staying and stop in at the juice bar (which I belive was thrown into the mix because of this episode of the O.C.) that has this awesome lounger from the Pottery Barn. Well that thing is just so comfortable that we don’t want to leave (I think I’m there with Tryon). So then I’m like, “Hey when is the next practice anyways?” and someone says it’s in two minuets and I freak out! See on the way back to the hotel we had stopped at a wedding lunchon for my cousin (her real one was Saturday) and so I was all dressed up. I can’t remember who my roommate is (even though somehow I’m like watching the dream at the same time it’s happening to me so as the viewer I know it’s Andrea) or where my room is (but again as the viewer I know it’s room 404). So I go up to the fourth floor and it’s like the office building in the I ♥ Huckabees movie and I can’t get anywhere or find everything. So I go into Bj’s room (I don’t know why he’s there) and he’s rooming with Sally. So I ask to borrow some clothes only Sally can’t hear when I talk so I have to borrow these huge snowman pajama pants and put them on under my skirt. Then I find a bonnet and put that on instead of a hat. And when I go out of the room I see every one there including six year old sextuplets (and if you watch Extreme Makover: Home Edition then you know why). The weird thing is everyone is dressed in these weird peasent outfits like the humoungous family from the reality show 14 Children and Pregnant Again. Well not Charlie, but that would have been too funny if he was in a little smock too! I digress. So I join the group just as they are counting to make sure everyone is there. And here’s the kicker, I realize when Charlie starts to talk that he is standing in front of my room!
Phew, that probably made no sense but I just thought it was too weird not to tell somebody about it. I mean I’ve had “holy crap I’m going to be late to practice” dreams a lot but this one takes the cake!

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  1. You are soooo funny! When does the book come out? You know the one titled “Amber’s wacky adventures” or the one you started way back when “Thad’s excellent adventure”
    Keep dreaming:)

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