Perfection, thanks Sue!


So I’m a Virgo, an apparently we like this just so (me? no!). Well I love the vertical paper storage by Cropper Hopper. I switched all my cardstock over to it months ago and just thought it was ever so pretty (plus I had so much it didn’t fit in my old bins). Well Angela and I went together and got a bunch of the Doodlebug Bazzill. When I got that I also got another paper holder. To my dismay they had changed the design slightly. Well when my holders were all lined up now they looked lame! So Sue had one of the older models and agreed to trade with me. I spent a very happy morning this morning reorganizing my paper into a rainbow of perfection!  Thank you so much Sue! And doesn’t it look pretty sitting on my desk (also I love this picture because if you went by this you would think my room was really clean, and it’s really not).

I forgot I took a couple photos at Bj’s going away lunch yesterday so I was laughing my head off when I uploaded these into iPhoto. Some one said, "Josh feed Bj," so of course he did. Those guys are such goofs. See Bj’s still kind of pink from when they put the sombrero on him to sing Happy Birthday (His birthday is really just about a month away, but what the heck, right), and I love it when he blushes! I am going to go work on my side bar (over there ⇒). I already updated my about me a tiny bit, but I am going to update my playlist. Peace.

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  1. I LOVE those CH vertical storage thingies. I only have three of them (newer model, based on your picture)and the rest of my paper is in cardboard mag holders, at least six of them are even Harry Potter holders…what can I say, CH is expensive! I did order their embellish storage box and the little bitty boxes for ribbon storage. can’t wait until that gets in stock and I can finally organize all my ribbon bits…
    btw – I’ve been browsing your blog since about mid-march, thought it was time I said hi on a recent post…;)

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