Beachwood’s Back


Oh ya, Beachwood is back. And we’re scrappin baby!!!  I actually haven’t complete a page yet, just little projects, and she’s already almost done with a mini book, crap I gotta catch up!!! You know what would help me a lot?  A little genie. Then I could just snap my fingers and have the photos I want printed up instantly in the right size. That would be sweet. I got the new BHG Scrapbooks etc. Inspirations today at Border’s to help me out. It looks awesome. I scored three spots at the Scrapyard Friday night for Beachwood, Sciarrino, and I, so you should be seeing a lot of pages by the weekend.

Totally a side note: Funniest thing that happened today?  I heard a truck backing up in front of the townhouses today and went out to check the mail and the situation. It was a Pacific Power truck. After getting the mail I walked back into the car port and I heard this "hey." I look over and through the slats of the neighbors fence I saw the power guy. I said, "hey, checking the meter?" "No, shutting it off." (LOLOLOLOL) I said I wasn’t surprised, and he said, "oh, why?" I was like, well they are messy and gross and don’t seem that on top of things (the love lost between me and the band next door is no secret). Then he started whispering, "Come over here, come look what I can see." Okay, so I got around under there carport and up onto their porch… He goes, "look in here, look at their living room." Okay I’ll give them a little credit. It looked a little cleaner than last time, I mean they switched the Pabst Blue Ribbon box wallpaper for white walls. But.. They had the hugest bong sitting in the middle of about 70 beer cans. The middle aged power guy was cracking up. Well I guess we know where all their money went. I just said, "I guess I should say thanks, because they can’t plug in their amps today!"

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  1. OK… So I really have to get into this scrapbooking thing now that school is over. You might have to order lots more ribbon for “The ribbon jar” after you move home.

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