It’s back – Free Association Wednesday


Okay so free association is back, I’m on the ball people. Just comment with the first thing that pops into your head when you see this word, no real thinking required. If you need help see the first free association Wednesday, and please comment because my mom thinks I have no more blog reading friends left!


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  1. Amber, nice nostril.How is the Ribbon Jar.Lets get togather and talk ribbon business. Call me also what are you doig this weekend. Love DAD

  2. Amber, Thanks for the thoughts of grandmother and grandfather. Its sad to see a generation gone. But it is also fantastic to see a new generation of entrepreneurs like you.Im so proud of what you have done with the Ribbon jar. Its always exiting to see your company move forward and do more sales. Thats what keeps my business exsiting.I whish you the best in your business and in life. Love Dad

  3. playground
    Keep on blogging. I’m not into ribbons but I love the look of your blog and the bright colors really make it interesting. Good luck with the Ribbon Jar business.

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