iTunes – Slurpee Style

Img_0808  Yeah!!! If you love Slurpees and you love iTunes then you should so go get a slurpee because you get a free iTunes song. Well I like to look at it like you are buying an iTunes song and then getting a Slurpee for 36 cents, and baby you can’t beat that!

  Okay so I forgot free association Wednesday again, but I’m going to try to be better next week. Swear. Yesterday I was at the dentist. My dentist has too good a personality to be a dentist, I think. Because see, dentists are not supposed to make you laugh while you have a dental dam in your mouth, but mine did. I had never had one of these in my mouth before, and I started cracking up while he was putting it on me, then he had to drive the point home by holding up a mirror in front of me so I could see my face covered by a huge piece of blue latex with just the teeth sticking out. I mean I almost gagged on my spit people. Anyway I told him that I thought he could make a little extra money on the side by getting a foot masseuse in there while you get your teeth worked on. Okay because he already has like the most comfortable chairs ever (I bring my iPod and just chill in there), and he is like super good with the shots when you have to get numbed up, but I think this would make his place the best ever. He said my boyfriend could come rub my feet while I got worked on next time, but I don’t think Bj would go for that. So that was pretty much my day. I stopped at my mom’s to say hi but didn’t even get a chance to swim because I was putting in lots of yummy double sided ribbon into the Ribbon Jar. Oh, and if you get a free song I think you should get this one (Sciarrino this is a clue to your graduation present, hehehe).

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