Pigs baby, flying pigs!!

Okay so I have a bunch of these little dime store pigs that I got in Maine. A couple of years ago I started an art project that has been a lot of fun for me. I’ve been placing these little pigs all over, just hidden here and there for someone to find. It’s a kind of an instillation/interactive art piece. I left one by the world’s largest thermometer last summer. I scrapbooked it and used it as part of my HOF entry:

So then I was at Border’s a few days ago and i found this:
It uses the same pigs that I use for my project! How sick is this, LOLOLOLOL, and it flings them pretty good too. It was either this or a boss fling-er, hehehe. But since I am my own boss I thought it would be funnier to fling my pigs, and baby is it ever! 

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  1. Hey Amber, I am going to Australia for a month in September – send me a pig and i’ll transfer it to the Sydney Opera House or the Great Barrier Reef for you – Commission Free!!! Also, do you remember Kristy Barringon (gym teacher from Pinecliffe 2000) ? I am trying to contact her for a meet up in September but her email address bounces back to me. Help? xxxxxxxkissxxx

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