Burn, baby, burn


On Saturday I woke up sick, ew. I actually puked, nasty. So I spend all day laying around and drinking Gatorade and eating Saltines. It was boring, so lets move onto Yesterday. I woke up feeling much better. Bj and I had spend the night before in a tent on the back porch, so I think the fresh air did me good. Sunday morning it was so beautiful that I immediately though "beach!" Bj had too much to do so we weren’t going to go then Sciarrino got up and said, "I think I want to go to the beach today." "No way, so do I!" So we packed up snacks, magazines, towels, slathered on the sunscreen and headed off. The weather was so nice. We actually laid out in our bathing suits, despite a cooler breeze. In fact the breeze was quite cool and I didn’t really think that I was getting much sun. After laying out for a while we packed up and headed out to the bay front to hit up the candy shop. After that we walked over to a little shop for hand dipped ice cream bars. It was then we started to notice the back of our legs. I realized mine were red, then Sciarrino’s started getting red, but they didn’t really hurt. So we had our ice cream and headed back to Salem around six. In the car I got a better look at my wound and freaked out. I totally did put sunscreen everywhere, and in fact didn’t even get tanned much. That is except for the back of my knees and right next to the bottom of my swim suit which were BRIGHT RED!  Argh! I never get burned. I am always so careful. So I really think this is the worst I’ve ever got, and man it hurts. We stopped at a grocery store to get aloe vera and special lotion. It helps temporarily, but I am pretty sure that I am not going to have any legs left soon but big blobs of aloe. I laid around slathering that stuff on me all night and watching movies. Then back to the tent. ahh the great outdoors.

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