Annual Portrait

onmanIt’s true, I’m such a snob that I get an annual portrait. Well wait, it’s at the fair and in a photo booth, so it’s not that bad. In fact, it’s quite fun!
I don’t really look like I’m getting that much older, hmm. But I am. I’m 25! Yeah me! I’m a whole quarter of a century. Hey somebody should have gotten me a state set of quarters this year, that would have been cool. Last night I went with Kathy and her friend Katie (a dairy princess) to the fair. So this last one wasn’t actually on my birthday, but close enough. We had a blast getting the requisite greasy food, going on the rides, and checking out everything at the "it slices, it dices" building (as my family calls it). I, of course, went on the swings, the all time best ride in my opinion. And we went on the spider, which was the downfall of the beeg man last year, and resulted in lots of upchuck. I got my Australian licorice and special jerky. We sat in the beer garden to eat and played dollar bingo (and lost). The best part was probably seeing Karen in the Dairy Wives barn (I guess it is just Dairy Woman now). This barn has the best deal going on ice cream. $1.50 for a cone, and it’s huge. And when Karen makes it, it’s even huger. We came back around for her at nine o’clock when she was done volunteering for the night. Then we had some more yummy greasy stuff and checked out all the animals. It’s nice going with farmers who actually know people, and what’s going on and stuff. I decided I am going to get Shetland sheep when I "grow up." Then I am going to spin my own yarn and make you all hats, ok? So all and all it was a great time at the fair. Every one should go! They say revenues are down and I just don’t see why, it’s the best!

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