Girls Go Down

Katie (since Katie has the longest and hardest to spell last name she will officially be called Katie, and all the other will be surname only!), Karen, Kathy, Tex and I went down the Santiam today. Nothing major, the biggest were class III.

This is right after that part. We could not stop laughing and doing re-enactments of Katie’s heroic rescue and Karen’s mute plea. We totally had to stop and bail, since Katie and I were in the middle up to our boobs in water by this time. I had such an awesome time and love these crew girlies so much! I’m sad to see Tex heading back to Texas {and I just have to interject that we call her that as a shortening of her last name, the living in Texas is a recent development and handy coincidence only}. Tex is going to email me some more pictures of the day, so check back. I’m surprised we still have our cameras after all that. Tomorrow I go sailing (I can’t get enough). Actually I’m taking out my boat! Yes I have a boat, a Hobie Cat catamaran. It was my dad’s and I love it. It has a rainbow sail people. I never take it out because I’m too small to by myself (you need ballast weight in case of flipage, which happens often). But I won’t give it all away now. Apparently the water is low at Detroit so my dad said it might be, "gnarly" let’s hope I survive.

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