Home, really home.

Okay yes, for god’s sake I am alive. And that should be the last of that kind a phrase I have to say for a while. I wish I could stop saying, "No, this is not Jorge" (pronounced whore-hey). But that doesn’t seem likely as someone gave out my phone number as theirs. I guess it’s payback for getting my business cards for Ribbon Jar misprinted with another companies phone number (so not my fault by the way, Qwest sucks). I digress:



I even canoed up to a glacier (so it had a little motor, so what). Now how did I get to go on this adventure?  Well Bill’s mom, Mrs. Walters ("not Pat, Amber, that is rude," said mom) took all her kids:
And their significant others and children. And she included me and my brother, which was so nice of her. I hadn’t been on a family type vacation in a long, long time and this was so nice. Guess who’s getting a cool scrapbook thank you?!?!

Okay so what happened between Memphis and Now besides that week?  Well Sciarrino and I headed down to San Fran for a trade show and drove up the redwoods way which I managed to get super horrible pictures of. After I got back the realization set in that I had exactly three days to move and wasn’t really packed. So I got to work and still didn’t finish it all. Luckily I have the best boyfriend in the entire world (no, I really dare you to find a better one), who moved the rest for me when I was up north. Then we were gone.

Wait I feel like I forgot something? Hmm… Oh ya:

BJ GOT A JOB, A REAL JOB, WITH BENEFITS AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is a grown up people. And the best part? It’s in Oregon. Wait, PORTLAND> that is only an hour away!!! Of course I did get a little teary eyed when I realized it was 54.2 miles to his cool new apartment and that takes 56 minuets in really good traffic, but still, it could have been California! He starts on Monday and I get to go help him pick out new clothes this weekend, as Tex says, I can, "dress him up like a little man doll." I don’t know about that but he did say he would try on three outfits of my choosing which is really good since he usually doesn’t try anything on.

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  1. It was definitely a fabulous trip and it’s to bad we have to get back to reality…
    Love the pictures you’re sharing! Gotta get one of BJ in his grown-up clothes!
    Love Mom

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