Twilight Zone

Celebrities are real and my friends are having encounters!!

→Kristin, friend and fellow bridesmaid to Ceara was in Las Vegas riding the elevator when who should get in but Paula Abdul! For real, and she did what any sane person would do and stayed on until Paula got off for full effect.

→Sciarrino JUST had the coolest run in yet. She’s been traveling Idaho visiting family friends. Well this one lady she was staying with told her she had to stop at this bakery in Stanley, Idaho for the best sticky buns. Well of course she did. She had to go to the bathroom though, so she went in there first. When she came out she saw this girl that looked like Cheryl Crow. She was debating whether or not to tell this girl how much she looked like Cheryl Crow when she reached in front of a guy to grab a menu. Hello, the guy was Lance!!!! Lance Armstrong!!!!  Winner of seven Tour De Frances!!!! OMG. Upon this realization Sciarrino also noticed that Cheryl was, in fact, wearing a Livestrong bracelet. So cool. She said Cheryl was small, as small as me!  And that Lance had the tightest butt ever (good job for women kind for looking Sciarrino). She didn’t say anything, playing the cool card, very respectable Sciarrin. She did walk past Lance on the way out to her car, and he smiled at her. Swoon. I heart Lance (who doesn’t?).

I wanna see someone. Come on, the only famous people I’ve seen are golfers. And no, not Tiger Woods. 🙁

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  1. I was told about the story while at work. Sounds awesome, that just happened with my parents and a pro baseball player.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you will be back! 🙂 One time, when I was in Vegas, they were filming the billboard music awards in my hotel! So we went out star watching that night and found lots! At the Ghostbar at the Palms we saw Beyonce, Pink, Tommy Lee, The Black-Eyed Peas, Paris Hilton, Trishelle from the Real World, and Celine Dion! I got some pics of a few of them! Too cool!

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