Another thing gets UNDER MY SKIN

Ya, so today SUCKED. Well more like it was just plain annoying. First of all my mom woke me, well it was to ask me if I wanted anything from the store, but still. Then I went to sleep and had weird dreams that I can only sort of remember but I woke up very agitated. Plus (and I just have to say this to put it in perspective) I am PMSing so that’s not good. So I go to get my wax job. Had to go to a new a place since I moved (and not like the last girl was a big winner with the wrong way pull on my bikini line, OW!). So I decided to go to the place by my house, and no I did not ask before I went how much it was, but how much could it be I thought. I had to have my undearms and bikini done because I was starting to feel like an ape. And now that Bill is back from his hiking trip I can’t go in the pool looking like this. So I went, and it was fine. Like 10, maybe 15 minuets if you include my lady having to go flip the fuse because the lights went out. So then I go up and the receptionist asks if I want to put gratuity on the card too, I say sure, how much was it. And she goes, “that will be SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS” OH SHIT. What! How the heck. Hey I’m not wild, it’s no brazilian. God. Then I think to myself, well now I know how my beautician is going to Cancun tomorrow. AHHHH.

So then I’m super pissed off about that, and I have to go out to Lancaster. Lancaster sucks. It’s like this street is a gigantic strip mall, with horrible traffic and way to steep drives into parking lots so you always scrape. And when ever you go to the Michael’s there some old person is crossing the street to the Old Town Buffet for like half an hour. It never fails. There is always an old person herd, and then I can’t even park. And then I do and I have to deal with the people who work there. God, it’s no wonder I couldn’t find the hand drill last time. I mean, why didn’t I think to look next to the knitting. Of course it would be there, silly me. So I had to return faulty merchandise. Then I ask where a Staples is. Well there isn’t one in Salem it turns out so I get to go get totally taken advantage of at the Office Max for my yellow ink (which I needed because my printer won’t even print black and white with out the yellow ink being full, which makes a lot of sense).

So I go home and get ready to go to Bj’s and everything is looking up. I got some great new ribbon and it’s yummy so I get to play with that tomorrow. So I get my iPod all loaded up and hop into my car. I’m driving to Beaverton for the first time since the incident so I’m really careful and slow and drive in the slow lane most of the way. Now part of the way I have this old Ford truck just stuck on my rear. I do not understand this. He tailgated me for at least five minuets with no one in the other lanes, and I was behind a semi so it’s not like I could speed up. Then after a few minuets he swerves around me (you know how impatient pissed people swerve, like you’ve ruined their whole day or something) and glares over at me. I’m sorry, so sorry that you are to stupid to pass me, and you can’t get me to speed up by intimidating me.

I get to Bj’s and we take my car because we realized that the front tire is low (for like the sixth time which means it probably has a leak and I’ll have to have it fixed) and we have to go fill it. We pull into the second gas station we find (the first one did have air of course). I start to fill the tires because Bj is patient enough to teach me how to do it, and I look over and the guy parked next to us licks his lips and nods at me. Um, what? Ew. I thought only happened in movies. Then he keep staring and me looking me up and down. We get in the car and Bj’s like, “well that guy was cracked out of his mind, and I think we got in the middle of a drug deal between him and the attendant with the tatoo on the back of his head.” Great.

Besides seven workers at Borders coming up and asking me if I needed help while on their computers (no leave me along) the rest of the night went well. Burger King for dinner and the O.C. Now I think I just need to chill. Phew.

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