Awesome Music, Check

I’ve replaced one of my little list things on the side. The music one. To reflect the strong influence the O.C. has had on my ear. If you want to find any songs from any episode this is a great link. Just click on OC Music. And then the season you want. Be careful of this site though, they have spoilers. Oh no. But the song I am really happy I found is not from the O.C. (but I can picture it on there), I heard it yesterday on Kink – the best radio station ever! It is "Tired of Being Sorry" by Ringside. I ended up buying the whole album, it’s great. So ya, Kink is the best station. It’s still privately owned holding strong in a world of Clear Channel stations that are very un-unique. They have the coolest hours on the FM dial. I remember around Y2K they had the top 100 artists, and my dad would call me every day (or week?) and tell me who they were. At the end of that they gave out all 100 artist’s complete collections to a winner. It was hundreds of CDs. So cool! They don’t stick to one genre, and it’s a real mix. They put out their own live albums. And I realized today that their website rocks too. They have an updated playlist so if you can remember about what time you heard the song you can find it!  That is so cool. Love them.

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