Lost my Noodles?

Well no actually they are in this huge bowl downstairs. Here is a sampling of my "romantic" dinner for our anniversary:
I can not handle noodles. They always get the best of me. Like the time I made some baby-sitting kids mac and cheese, only put the cheese in and then drained the noodles (still thanks for eating my special "white mac" kids!). This time it was a serious lack of judgement in how much a box of noodles actually swells up to. Hey, it’s not my fault… I don’t like many things with noodles (that’s right I don’t like Italian food, so sue me), so I haven’t had much experience. Get a real sense of my un-accomplishment in this video:
Download Video_100105_001.mov
You have to have Quicktime to play it.
Bj, someone, tell me if this works! 

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  1. What’s the towel for? You are too funny! And yes my dear it is your “fault” you should have been paying attention when your mom was cooking! Love ya!

  2. It’s called PASTA! Noodles are something else! I think you’ve maybe not had enough NICE Italian food. I’m going to make you some someday. Tsk Tsk, xxx

  3. Don’t worry Amber – I screwed up Mac & Cheese one time too – and I even claim to be a good cook! (And trust me, I’ve never lived that mistake down, either)…

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