Photo shoot with self.

I love this pictures, I look like the skinniest human being ever, I am NOT this skinny. But I have officially found my favorite angle of self. Set up the tripod as high as I could get it to go and figured out the auto timer on Bj’s camera, yay me! Now I have to figure out how to get rid of that pesky tripod leg.

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  1. AWESOME pic! Maybe I should try that angle, I’m sure not lookin’ thin from any other angles! LOL!

  2. What a neat angle to try 🙂 Such a cute photo of yourself 😀

  3. Hee hee – you’re so cute! You look so little in that pic. Hmmm, I’m going to have to play around with my camera and tripod this weekend. I wonder if Chris will mind having all of our wedding pictures taken at this angle? lol

  4. I love that picture of you! You look awesome! Cool idea! I need me a tripod!

  5. hmmm… i’ve gotta try that, too! 😉

  6. What’s up girl:) I love your site and your pictures. Mai Lian said you had a ribbon thing going on and I had to check it out. Very cool
    Love this shot of you and I could definately get into that angle too
    By the way- Not too many of us Ambers around eh? at least not that I have noticed so I thought it was cool to run into you!

  7. Looks like you’ve lost a couple pounds there girly…. I’ve just gotta try your diet!!!

  8. THAT just ROCKS!!
    I need a tripod. I want to look that skinny. ROFLOL! YOu look fab!

  9. Note to self: find skinny pose!

  10. You do look skinny — and cute top! 🙂

  11. That is an awesome angle. Must try it out!

  12. alp- you are too cute in that angle. why don’t the school photographers take them that way so that everyone looks good on picture day?

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