Photo shoot with other.

It’s a lot more fun with friends!  Bj and I had a photo shoot with each other this weekend taking turns with the camera. We also went on a long walk, met up with an old friend, and chatted the nights away! It was truely a great weekend! Bj came up with jumping in the pool with all his clothes on. It seemed only fitting since the heat was turned off last night and this would be our last chance to get in. Unfortunately we missed the actual jumping, but I loved this one:

Babe your foot looks wonky! He turned the camera on me too:
It was a little bit of a blowout because I had the settings a certain way and he forgot to change them when he took over, but I love it. I was laughing because on the iPod shuffle you can’t see what song is going to come next and all the sudden Metallica’s Enter Sandman comes on and it’s this nice tranquil day, funny.

I guess this would be as good a time as any to say talk about a super SICK new product from apple (who else?). It’s called Aperture and it is so going to be on my Christmas list! It’s designed for professional photographers to deal with "everything you need after the shoot, delivering the first all-in-one post production tool for photographers." You must watch some of the quicktime videos on the Aperture home page. When you import digital raw images they never get changed in Aperture, no matter what you do to them, you have a working raw and then your orignal stays safe. Plus it is all saved in a sort of iPhoto like library, so like the picture of me up there would be next to any I tweeked (a black and white version for instance). Plus there is super fast browsing, fixing, everything. It looks awesome. Of course to really justify this program I’ll need that digital SLR under the tree too :). Seriously check this program out!

Sciarrino is now in town, so lots of fun ahead!

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  1. I had to really stare at the foot! Very cool photo! And you are absolutely adorable!! Sounds like you need to be extra nice for Santa to include such fun toys!!

  2. you have got me sold on the whole Aperture thingie – I watched all the Quicktime videos and let’s just say I am in awe – the only problem I am not on Apple – I might convert one of these days! thanks for the link!
    cool picture – the foot distortion is kind of crazy and love the picture of you – kinda of jealous because you can just feel that it is fall where you are judging from the background – we have no fall in Las vegas!
    take care~

  3. Wow, great pics! How fun that he just jumped into the pool. hee hee…
    Hmmm, sounds like I need to do some photo geek shopping myself. Whoo hoo for your xmas treats! I need to start working on my “shopping inspiration” list for Chris. 🙂

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