Ceara, Zavian, and Ali

In other news Sciarrino and I had a class with Ali Edwards today. It pretty much ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF. I love my album!  I really hate when people get talked up and then they let you down, but I’m putting Ali with Madonna and Prince on the excellent performance scale – she did NOT disappoint. Really cool, easy to talk to and I was especially happy that she didn’t mind when Sciarrino and I went our own way a bit. It’s all good (as she says). And it was, all good. I really wished I would have signed up my mom to come with me, she would have loved it. I suggest if you have a mom (and like her) to take her to an Ali class. I think I would learn a ton about my mom if I had her do the homework… hmmm, mom you interested?

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  1. Homework….? I haven’t done any in awhile but I could try. Taking a class would be fabulous!
    Love Mom

  2. Hee hee… that is the cutest pic of you and Ceara’s nephew! How happy do u look? hee hee Glad you had a good time hanging out w/ your girlies too. 🙂
    You can’t tell us about Ali’s awesome class if you don’t post your awesome creations! 😉 That is a great pic of the 3 of u too.

  3. Had a FABULOUS time with you too! It all ended too soon. Baby Z is just the cutest thing…can’t wait till I have one ;)and you! We could be preggers together, it would be fun! Can’t wait to see you again. Come to arkansas for spring break! Ya!

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