Naughty or nice?


Having fun with my new supplies, do you like it Sue? I think I am going to be using Studio Skinnie Mini a lot! This is a little book to keep in my handbag for things to finish/buy for the holidays. And I also have my Christmas card list on the back, if I need your new address email it to me (link at top right).

3 Replies to “Naughty or nice?”

  1. Nice blog… connected to you via Jamie’s site. Those pictures are amazing… i love the mountains. That is why I live in Toronto! haha…

  2. I am loving this Amber! It’s so cute! That Quic Kutz set looks much cuter on your thingy than in any of thier examples! Great job chicky, I’m loving it! Especially that ribbon! 😉

  3. I am <3ing this! Love the ribbon.

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