Ode to the X-Files

I love the X-files.

So I had to get someone else to love it with me and Katie Sciarrino was the perfect candidate. She thought Mulder was hot, check, could handle scary things, check, and she valued my opinion enough to give it a try. Nearly two years ago we decided to watch the whole series in a row, no cheating. I had seen almost every episode and had many on DVD. So we began. We laughed, we cried, we yearned for Mulder and Scully to kiss. And tonight we finished. We watched the two hour series finale and left our two favorite FBI agents lying together in a hotel bedroom. Oh I hope there is a movie soon. Good work Sciarrino, good work.

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  1. If any two characters could become real I’d choose Mulder and Scully. I think everyone should embrace the true brillency that is (not was) the X Files. It touches on the most important aspects of life and the ultimate question regarding our existance here on Earth. I BELIEVE! I SOOO BELIEVE! Chris Please give us a continuation I miss them already!
    Alp I had a blast watching it with you—so great we can share this love.

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