And I was doing so well…

I can’t blame it completely on typepad, but something has been going on, my posts like disappeared, weird. Anyway I think things are back to normal. Back to where I left off: craft day was awesome. I got to see a dear friend, Jenna, plus have fun with Sue, Sciarrino, and my Mom. Sue said it was the best time she’d had scrapbooking in a while, and I couldn’t agree more. This last week has been spend merrymaking: crafting, visiting, and putting up the most lights possible to further annoy some spiritless neighbors. Hehehe. I’ve only got four projects to go really, besides making new stockings, more chex mix, Christmas cookies, and shopping for a few last minuet things. I can not wait to show you all what I have been working on. I’m going to take pictures of everything tomorrow. I have had a project on the needles for a few weeks now. It’s for my friend who just graduated (and got her license, she’s a nurse, yeah!), so I had to make it super good since I’m doing one present for dual events, I usually try to avoid that. I’m actually posting about it so I don’t try and sneak it for myself, I like it so. This weekend I went up to Portland to have Christmas with Bj’s parents who were in town. They got me some awesome stuff: super soft socks to wear as slippers, a really cool Roxy long sleeved tee, a lime green ornament (!!!), and the Fastenater, which I plan on playing with tomorrow. I got all dressed up in my ribbon skirt, ballet shoes, and super long Japanese scarf Taro sent me last Christmas to go out for dinner, so fun.  As for today, well it was freezing rain, sleet, snow, icey so I only went out once to mail my packages since I had one express to go out. Spent most of the day cracking up over this:
Bj and I should have gotten these a long time ago, they are so fun. Okay so I don’t have one, but it is really fun just to see him, and hear him. He’s going take his iSight on the road with him, since he travels a ton. This will be awesome, because iChat rocks, but some things are just hard to get across with just the written word, like say, sarcasm. The other things making me laugh? Jokes about our Christmas light, those are just not getting old, and Christmas Vacation, love it! Hope you are all having a great holiday season!

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  1. Christmas season is never dull with Amber around! and our lights have never looked more fabulous… Our neighbor (who actually is probably repulsed by them) told us so… LOL

  2. Good thing you have a blog or else I’d think you were dead. That doesn’t really look like BJ (he looks much younger) but a cool toy indeed!

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