Camera + Horoscope = good

I love my horoscope widget:
"…Build lots of wiggle room and plenty of options into your schedule – and allow for random, unexpected greatness. If you can be ready to go with the flow it can take you to some pretty tremendous places now. And if you can take a risk at the right moment you can be rewarded in some pretty tremendous ways." That’s awesome!

Okay so what have I been up to?  Well knitting a second pair of gloves for Taylor, and playing with my Christmas goodies: whitening my teeth with go smile, making myself feel pretty in some new bras, drooling over new knitting patterns, slathering myself with my favorite lotion, munching on my favorite sweets, and lounging in new pj’s.

Plus I got a camera, that’s right, a camera. Here’s the thing. I got that digital camera a while ago, as you may
Okay well, that sucks. I shot this in raw, and it also takes a jpeg, the jpeg is what I can put on here, and it’s no where near the raw image.  The raw file of this photo just blows me away with it’s color and clarity. Hmm, I’ll have to figure out how to do that, but I have it optimized for on screen editing and printing. I’m going to play with it more this weekend with Bj. Maybe whale watching, the Japanese gardens, we haven’t decided yet. I’ll figure out how to get good pictures for you though!

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  1. I’m jealous of your new camera! There is another blogger who posted some pics she took in RAW, she is the pne who just passworded her blog, she may have some tips for you. Enjoy!

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