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The "STAMPS" was done with those ones standing up in this box. Phew, so all that for 17.70, man I love eBay. So there you go Liz!

In another cool stuff note: Yesterday I went to a couple yarn shops, my local one, Have You Any Wool, and one in Beaverton called Knitting Bee. I had never been to this Knitting Bee before and I was like drooling like a crazy woman. Tons of hand-dyed, Patagonia cotton yarn, a huge selection of Cascade 220. I knitted last night driving home IN THE DARK I was so excited about this stuff. Taro do you see your black yarn in there for the requested ribbed hat? 🙂

Doesn’t my CarryBag basket look so happy. If you don’t have one of these lightweight collapsible things you need one, and they come in more colors now. I take my packages to the post office in it, go to crops with it, shop at the grocery store with it, basically I use it every day. I digress.  I also got an amazing book called the Stitch Dictionary:
I’d like to say that the fact that all the swatches in the book are done in yummy greens has no baring on my having to have it, but I would be lying. No seriously though, if you like to tweak patterns, or just make cool patterned scarfs you need this book. Of course if I got the Vogue Knitting: Ultimate Knitting Book (on my amazon wish list, wink wink), that would be great so that I could actually attempt all 250 patterns. 

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  1. You were knitting while driving home in the dark??? I really hope you weren’t the one driving…especially after you almost died from that dog in the road!! Shame!

  2. I love your site! Its the first I have been here, I will save it and put your link on my blog!
    I was looking at your cigar box and just wanted to let you know that this is kinda what we do for grieving families. Our volunteers use all different types of boxes and alter them or just buy paper machee boxes and turn them into memory boxes to give to grieving families that lost a baby! Your box is just beautiful! I love the ideas and all the pictures you show on your blog!
    This is wonderful. I am really glad I came across it!
    Mary HAIN Founder

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