December one

OMG this advent thing is going to be too much fun. My mom and I got our gifts and she got gifts for Bill because she thought he wouldn’t get them, but he did, so now we have extras, whoo hoo!  Bill won my first gift by answering this question closest (Price is Right rules in effect):

"What is the percentage of fat in Humpback Whale’s milk?"

He won this silly thing I found at Target, a plant you grow in a pop can thing that sprouts and then you can read a fortune that magically appears on it’s leaf! Is that so cool? Then I won a Pez Dispenser for getting closest to the correct elevation of  Mt. Hood. You can guess amungst yourself for the answers, I’ll post them tomorrow. I’m also going to take a picture of the advent tree in the morning light (here’s hoping we have some!).

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