I love love love my new nativity. When I set it up I felt like a little girl getting out all her dolls. 🙂
Sciarrino’s mom works for this cute shop in Halfway, Oregon called Quilts Plus and she picked these up for me during their 50% off sale. I got the whole set for $86!!! That is a steal don’t you think?!?!?! The angle didn’t really go with it but I got her too because she is just so pretty! Mrs. Sciarrino also sent me a row counter for knitting. This is going to come in super handy for all the projects I am working. Too bad I didn’t have it for Taro’s hat, I finished that last night. It is so so soft, I made it of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. I want to knit with that again, it’s so nice to knit up. It’s shows mistakes pretty good though, but I only had one little nubbly bit, that is pretty unnoticeable. Taro better take a picture of himself in it so I can see how it looks on his "large Asian head" (his words, not mine). I spent tonight sorting out Christmas lights and cleaning up the play room some more for craft day 2005 tomorrow. Nothing that exciting, oh besides plugging in a strand of lights and having a bulb blow up on me. It wasn’t a mini bulb either, it burnt my jeans!!! But I did make it through alive. Well I should be super productive at craft day, results to come tomorrow.

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  1. GORGEOUS. OMGosh – I am dying to have a nativity. Two years ago I found these beautiful resin nativities by Provo Craft on discount for $8 a set, so I bought 2, painted them (and they turned out so beautifully. Then I wrapped them and gave them to my two friends, who love them and display them each year. And I’m so glad I did it and loved doing it for them, but I wish I would have bought just one more. One more for me. Ack — I know, one day I’ll find the perfect nativity and have one for me. Until then I’ll enjoy the joy I get from watching my friends set up theirs so lovingly. Enjoy your nativity! It’s stunning!

  2. This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! It’s well worth your sale price and MORE! What a wonderful touch of Christmas Spirit!
    BTW – I love Jeff Buckley’s Grace CD!! I’m listening to it now.

  3. WOW, that Nativity set is awesome!!! I have been looking for one I really live this year. Haven’t found one yet. But I REALLY love the one you got.
    I think I might need to get some of that yarn, especially if it is super soft. I am a sucker for soft.

  4. COVET COVET WANT WANT! I’ve been DYING over this set all winter long. It’s the most beautiful set I’ve yet to see. I told my hubbie that I would wait until the day AFTER Christmas to purchase it. I have a Nativity room in my home during the holidays and this will be prominent, front and center next holiday season! Congrats!!!

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