OMG High School Musical

Dude. Did anyone else get the iTunes new music email a couple days ago and see that the number one album was High School Musical? I did and I was like, is this for real? So I looked online because I had never even heard of it and the reviews were ridiculously good. It’s a made for TV Disney Musical, here is the site. So of course the Disney channel is playing it over and over, not a problem for my TiVo to grab it for me. Well I finally watched it tonight. OMG I love cheesy musicals like this, and the music is so damn catchy, you really can’t help but sing along. The thing that did me in though: the dance off at the end. Ahhhh… You do not see these enough any more! Anyway I recommend it. I did buy the soundtrack, and if you see me driving down the freeway this week, I’ll be jammin to this you can bet… and just give me a few viewings to get some of the choreography down, I put that on "save until I delete" baby!

Oh and Bj had fun watching this too:

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