January in a nutshell, well DVD tin I mean

I made this and I thought to myself, "Oh my gosh Amber you super ultra genius, people are going to be singing your praises, your fabric strips are going to go flying out the door! You really did it this time you wonderful person you." And yes, I know I spelled completion wrong, so sue me. But I only got two little nuggets of praise. And thank god for those because other wise man, I would be going seriously mental. So blah, blah, blah. I did sell a lot of those fabric strips, but I don’t know if it’s because of this layout, I mean no one told me so. And I’m not saying go comment please, I’m saying tell me, what can I do better? And I’m also asking, has anyone else ever felt this way, or am I alone here in crazyville?

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now…
    Anyway, don’t feel bad! You’re stuff is wonderful. It’s so creative and beautiful! I wish I had half of the talent you do!

  2. Amber,
    I read your blog daily so I feel as if I know your work. I don’t even surf 2Peas very often….maybe weekly. It mkaes me tired just lookin’ at all that stuff. OVERLOAD city, Man!
    Your stuff ROCKS. I mean it, and I am one picky b-word…
    At least you’re brave eneough to share your stuff, good or bad…I am such a chicken-shit, I only post boring LO’s on my blog because I fear rejection SOOOO f’n much!! I have LO’s that I KNOW are worthy of praise but I always hold back…
    You rock…
    Just stand in front of the mirror and say it until you actually HEAR IT.
    You rock….
    You do.
    I mean…look man, you’re an ARTIST!! A REAL artist…
    and I envy and admire that.
    chicken-shit in NoVa

  3. Hi,
    I’ve commented on your blog before, and I know you don’t know me, but the reason why I was first drawn to your blog was because of your great design sense. I don’t know a whole lot about the aesthetics of scrapbooking, but I do know that you have a real eye for great placement of objects, and perfect color sense. Personally, I don’t scrapbook or use ribbons and things, but I like art, and I like your work for the design qualities, so this probably applies as a compliment to your layouts. One thing I’ve realized (after starting up my own blog just recently) is that people who comment, for the most part I think, don’t want to be critical about a person’s entries. So I know that I’m probably not going to get a lot of constructive, helpful criticism on the art that I post to my blog. Mostly people just say they like it or nothing at all. I would suggest, if you want some good feedback from people in your area of expertise, is maybe find some kind of group you can join of others who want the same feedback. You could even start a group like that and ask people who’s work you like, to join and constructively comment. For what my opinion is worth, I think your pieces are great and I am always excited to see you post another image of something new that you’ve made. I really feel like you create super unique items that include a perfect sense of design elements that are really pleasing to look at. If it were my guess at why you are not getting any response from others around you (at 2 peas?), maybe it’s because your work is kind of on a different level and no one knows what to say about it. Keep on what your doing because I think it’s the right direction!

  4. you are *so* not alone on this. i was really into two peas about two years ago. i posted lo’s and “hung out” on the message boards. then things began to get a lil catty and i noticed that “cliques” so to speak were starting to happen. now i am not saying that they are the only site that that happens to, but i wasn’t too crazy about it. so i just kinda stopped going there.
    but now i can relate to this on a different level kind of. i feel this way when i post something on my blog that i think is just the best damn thing eva and then i get one comment. then i may click on someone else’s blog and see something that i think “yeah, thats okay” and then there is a gazillion comments.
    i think that when you are in to art (or crafts..both?) and you are your own worst critic (which i am), you tend to depend (is that the word i wanna use?) for feedback to let you know, that hey, despite your ability to see every damn flaw in this piece, its really good. people do like it. plus, i may be a big ol dork here but when someone tells me something that they like, it gives me a lil high. esp. when i sell something on my etsy shop. i think “wow, this must be pretty okay if someone is willing to pay money for it”.
    its a frustrating situation to be in. i must say that since i found your blog i’ve been hooked. i have looked at all the archives and visit ribbon jar on a regular basis (yet, i haven’t purchased…not yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ i’ve even thought about submitting pictures of things i have done with ribbon to see if you like em for your ideas page.
    i think that you are inspiring and i slap myself on the head for not being as brilliant as you to have thought of the ribbon jar.
    other than that…your fab-boo and hugs!

  5. Hi Amber!
    I found your blog through stuffdock, though I am a Ribbon Jar customer — just didn’t know you had a blog! So glad to know now~!!
    Your recent post resonated for me for several reasons. First, I feel the same exact way. I post on my blog and on writtendown.com for the art journal challenge I am doing, and through Studio Friday, and like this last week I did a layout that I totally loved. Yeah, so maybe it wasn’t the coolest hep thing ever to hit the internet, but I liked it a lot. And I got NO comments on it on Studio Friday, even though I got quite a few hits. Did people hate it? Was it lousy? Part of me doesn’t care because I did it for ME and **I** happen to love it. But part me really does care because I am an approval junky. I want to know that other people appreciate and like what I do. So it kinda hurts when no one comments.
    The second reason I found your post so interesting is that I LOVE Ribbon Jar and I love your work! In fact, when the newsletter came out I kept it in my inbox for like four days because I just LOVED the LO you did of the socks (it combined two of my favorite things — knitting and scrapping!). Also, I found the fabric strips so interesting, and I can’t wait to use them. And — get this! — I even copied it digitally and saved it to my hard drive in my inspiration folder.
    You ARE inspiring and so coolio — I think people see stuff sometimes and are intimidated or shy about posting (on blogs, definitely, though on 2Peas, not so sure). One reason I’ve been hesitant to post on 2peas is for that very reason — I don’t want to do things for others’ reactions, I want to do it for me.
    So, keep the faith, girlfriend. And come visit my blog and tell me what you think of my stuff, and I’ll tell you what I think of yours!

  6. Your stuff is totally awesome… and sometimes it is even better than that. There are many absolutely wonderful projects that you haven’t shared… and I know because I’ve been lucky enough to see them. You are an inspiration to many, your work is creative and original. Try not to get discouraged if you are not praised on a daily basis, but be happy with yourself for what you have done.
    One thing you might not have thought about is that many people might take the time to read your blog and appreciate all the cool things that you do, but not take the time to write to comments on your thoughts.. I know because I have been guilty of this.
    You are fabulous! Keep up the great work!
    Love Mom

  7. Girl, I am seriously amazed by all of your stuff. I can praise your stuff now because before I didn’t know your pea-name! I really love that little book though. And you know, I feel the same way about praise. I happen to think my stuff is awesome, (and no, I don’t feel bad being concieted about that;)) and I don’t get any praise usually except from my pea-friends that I’ve established. I’m determined not to let it make me sad though, because I *KNOW* that the only one who has to like my work is me, right? Keep that head up girl, because your stuff blows my mind. Seriously. I ALWAYS love everything you do! Love it! Please keep designing and posting, because I wanna see it all! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Seriouly Amber, I could have written a post so similar. I was just venting to a friend of mine about 2peas and the lack of praise for things that I think are great. I guess I came to the conclusion that I’m scrapping for me and if I like it that is all that matters. Sure, when 100+ people LOOK at your post but only 1 person comments it hurts a little especially when I see something someone else did that I think isn’t the greatest but they have 20+ praises. I guess I’m rambling, but my point is:
    1. You are not alone…I feel the same way.
    2. Keep posting your work…now that I know your 2peas name I will be on the lookout for your stuff…because, well, it’s awesome and creative and fun!
    3. Those fabric strips are WAY cool…gonna have to check into those!

  9. I live in crazytown too.
    I post something.
    I get nada.
    I get praise from a friend.
    I wonder why I used to get more praise.
    I freak.
    Then a month later I look at the LO and I realize I flipping love it.
    I think the internet may be just fueling my need to be liked.
    That said your stuff is cool beans.
    At least what I’ve seen is.
    And I will go check out the rest chica.

  10. First off I love your DVD tin, it looks very cool. I just love it!! And I know what you mean about the whole pea praise, I feel exactly the same way. But it doesn’t matter if only one person leaves you praise or not. As long as you love what you created, that’s all that matters. Now that I know your on two peas I am definelty gonna be leaving you some praise, because your awesome and what you do just rocks!! Keep doing it!!

  11. Hi… I just “stumbled” onto your blog from my own little part of “crazytown” where I sometimes reside! ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL!
    Here are some of my thoughts as oddly enough… I’ve been thinking thoughts not altogether dissimilar to what you’ve voiced here!
    1. I think the gallery at 2Peas moves pretty quickly sometimes and some layouts just plain get lost in the shuffle.
    2. I’ve been looking at the layouts recently and have noticed that the ones that get the most praise seem to have a few specific elements. It seems that LO’s with large, single photos and striking colors (both pastel and bold) get lots of praise. Also… doodling is a big eye-cathcher and those are praised as well. Having the appropriate amount of empty space seems big, too.
    3. More thoughts… ๐Ÿ˜‰ As I was trying to photograph and/or scan my CK HOF entry… I was having ***HECK*** of a time getting good quality pictures. It was so time consuming and was making me literally want to just give up on the whole deal. I think my LO’s are really neat but the pictures just don’t do them justice. I think this is often the case on 2Peas. If your LO is detailed… it can look totally different digitized on screen than it does in person. Just one of those darn right crappy facts!
    Ok… I guess I’ve rambled enough!
    What’s your Pea name??? Mine is danahollis. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I feel pretty bummed when I get little or no praise too. And don’t even get me going about getting published (NOT!)!
    Your stuff looks cute though!

  13. You are not alone in wanting praise. At 53 I am still looking for affirmation for the things that I do. Most of my life I have been trying to please others and never had the courage to just do what I loved best. Now, as I go from blog to blog, I see all this incredible creative work and think that you young women have so much talent and creativity, could I ever be as talented as you?
    Maybe we just need to do this for ourselves and forget about the acknowledgement. Easier said than done. I do like the thought that feedback opens your mind and allows you to at least have a different perspective on a thought, or creative act.
    You are very talented Amber, never doubt that for a moment.
    As for myselfโ€ฆ I keep thinking my time is yet to come. That does not stop me from being creative nowโ€ฆ just gives me time to evolve at my own pace.
    Keep up the incredibly creative work that you doโ€ฆ it does bring joy to many!

  14. Hi Amber, I missed your post when you first wrote it. First of all, I do empathize with not getting praise on 2 Peas! I hardly get any myself, not sure why I bother! BUT I don’t think you can take that as reality because it totally depends on when you post and who’s looking because that stuff goes by so quickly. Anyway, I love your blog, love your personality, love your layouts AND Ribbon Jar…. you’ve got it all, girl! Don’t let it get you down.

  15. i know this is 2 years late, but i’m a 2peas addict (lurker), have over 20,000 pictures saved from it that i use as my screensaver for inspiration, but won’t actively participate in the site because it’s so extremely superficial and SHALLOW! if you want praise, you’ll get it, peanut!!!! but critique and valueable feedback?? forget it! i’ve never seen one single constructive criticism post on the site, ever. only praise. because women among women are like that, it’s what they do, to please people and be liked ((puke)). anyway, i love your blog & work, but here’s some feedback: i just wouldn’t find a layout about someone elses socks captivating enough to bother evaluating.
    just givin ya the truth ๐Ÿ˜‰

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