Another Question – Memphis?

Hi my blog peeps. I am going to visit my bff Ceara in Jonesboro, Arkansas. It’s like an hour away from Memphis (that’s where I fly into). I leave on Wednesday and Thursday Ceara has to work so I was going to drive around and check out some antique/fabric/knitting/crafty places. Not having much luck searching them out online though. So my question is: does anyone know any place around there I should check out. I really want to find some diamond in the rough like I did on my cross country trip with Julia: Sister’s Garden (crap I was going to find a link and when I googled it all I got was a previous post on my blog LOL – I swear it’s a real place!). A cool place, with vintage stuff, weird stuff, decorating stuff. Ahhh any one know any place? Anyone?

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