The Fabric Gods answered my Prayers!

With Bolt, the freakin coolest new fabric shop in the known world (well okay in my known world). I have some serious catching up to do on all my stories from the whole carpet/no computer situation. I hated not having links to my favorite blogs so I might have to add that on the sidebar in case I’m sans Power Mac again. I digress.

So this last weekend Bj was so sweet to take me to some really crafty fun places. We went to a couple yarn shops so I could check out patterns, but nothing was really sparking my creative flame. I had heard there was a new fabric store in town from someones blog (and I can not figure out who it was), so I wanted to check it out. But I couldn’t find a link to it anywhere and didn’t really know what it was call besides Bolt. Well I finally found it’s site here, and yes it was open! So we headed across the bridge. I spotted it from the adorable window display instead of the actual address. I walked in and immediately started freaking out. It was the kind of freaking out I do where I can’t even focus on ten things, let alone one. The first thought in my head? "I want it all!" After I calmed down a bit I realized they had the book I’d been scouring the land for: Denyse Schmidt Quilts, and people it is everything everyone has been saying it is and more. I am in love. I was going to do a coin quilt for my bed, but now I’m thinking page 115 oh or maybe even 116. Anyway there is tons of non-quilt projects, actually almost the whole book, and you can bet I’ll be whipping out a couple of those soon (mom the slippers??!?!)

Back to the shop, the fabric was heaven. I walked away with a nice little stash:
Do you see that state capital fabric? Hello I live in Salem Oregon, how sweet is that? {side note: I’ve gotten really friendly with my local post office clerks since starting the Ribbon Jar and they’ve seen my site and stuff. One of the guys was like, "I did notice one thing about your site though. On your home page you seem to ask a lot of questions, and then answer them yourself." I never realized I did that so much, but now I notice all the time, well anyways, I’m changing the home page this weekend!} I love all the stuff I got, and this is just a tiny smidgen of the great selection they have. I love it because Gina (yes I got friendly, she’s the owner and super cool) doesn’t have the shop packed to the gills. Instead everything looks thought out and has a place. She’s got great patterns, buttons, made up things like duvets and kits. I’m not as good with fabric manufactures as with patterned paper, but she does have a ton of the best Amy Butler, and all her patterns. So check it out already. And there’s a yarn shop next door: close knit. Also really well stocked and friendly, but the fabric shop blew me away. Thanks Gina!!!

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  1. love, love, love the fabric!!! do you know who makes the state capital fabric? i have got to have some. that is a perfect fabric for me considering there was an incident one time during a game a scattagories and the capital of kentucky!!!

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